This is Us



Hi, my name is Dainelys but my friends just call me Dee. I am a first time mom to a little boy named Lucas. I am lover to the man of my dreams. 23 years old, currently a stay at home mom who blogs on the side. We have been together for four years but our love is only growing deeper. We’re hoping for a big family in the future. I have created this blog mostly to share my family and motherhood journey with all of you guys. To share experiences and advice from my own experiences and bumps in the road & to keep as a journal to myself for the future. Hopefully one day my kids can read everything I’ve wrote for them on here. I am a big DYI lover, I am hoping to share some of my projects on here also.

Let’s see how this blog thing goes.Best of luck to me haha.

Love, Dainelys.