A few must have’s on your baby registry.

When you’re a first time parent you tend to buy unnecessary stuff no matter how many times people tell you not to, because you want your kid to have everything.
I am a minimalistic and I still found myself buying things I didn’t need. I did realize for babies they have a lot of products that serve for multipurpose which is an amazing thing. For example, my play yard also doubles as a changing table. The changing table I barely used because I change my baby mostly on my bed/couch etc. Anyways here’s some of the cool brands/products I have found.


Ok, now here’s the reason why this product is my NUMBER ONE.. IT LITERALLY SAVED MY LIFE. I love to sleep more than anything, so having a baby was a little scary for me. Luckily, my baby sleeps the night and I don’t know what I’m going to do when he outgrows his little snuggle because I am convinced it’s the reason why. At first I purchased the snuggle me simply because I always planned on Co-sleeping my baby and this was a great way for me to avoid flat head syndrome and SIDS as well because … my hubby isn’t the lightest sleeper. What I didn’t think about was the fact that my baby would only fall asleep on my arms and then when transferring him to the bed or crib he would instantly wake up.UNLESS, i transfer him into the Snuggle me because it still made him feel snug. When I tell you this product will save your sleep, I MEAN IT. It’s worth every penny.

Lollipop Baby monitor

LRG_DSC01084 2.JPG

I searched and I searched HARD, when looking for the perfect baby monitor. I was mostly looking for something where my hubby can watch the baby from work since he works so many hours. This monitor allows you to watch the baby cam from anywhere. It also allows you to give access to as many peopled as you’d like, meaning grandma can view the baby whenever, as long as you give her access. You can also easily put the camera on private mode and no one but you would be able to access it. This camera allows you to play sounds and music for baby (White noise works magic) It allows you to talk through the camera as well, because you will soon learn how soothing your voice is to babies, Nothing like mammas voice it works wonders. This is smart technology right here. I literally leave my son with his grandma worry free because I leave her the camera also and look at him whenever I want, It’s every moms dream. This camera is intelligent and extremely high quality. Oh, I almost forgot a great feature, It sends you an alert to your phone when it detects baby crying. How amazing is that? This is a MUST buy, nothing else like it.



Now, If you’re planing on breastfeeding your baby I HIGHLY recommend everything this brand has to offer. Feeding from the breast creates an amazing connection between baby and mom, but unfortunately sometimes you need to give your baby a bottle of some pumped breastmilk. For example, when left with the baby sitter, or with grandma for date night, even when in the car. You have to be extremely careful when introducing a bottle to a breastfed baby because they can prefer it over the breast since it’s so much easier for them, this can cause them to completely neglect the breast. Which is why the nano is so great, because the babies can transition back and fourth from breast to bottle without even noticing the difference, this is what this bottle was designed for. Another cool thing about this bottle is that when being designed they took into consideration the amount of stuff you need to add to your kitchen when a baby comes into your life, making space minimal. The bottles stack up on top of each other making them extremely space savey.  The nano company also offers a bottle warmer specially designed to preserve all the nutrients in the breastmilk and not overheating it, its genius. The design of the bottle also warms up so much faster.

Another thing I bought and absolutely loved from this company is their breastmilk bags and organizer. The flat bags help preserve breastmilk nutrients and the organizer organizes them on top of each other AGAIN to help save space and keep things organized. The organizer makes it easier to know which milk bag to use first.This company literally thought about everything when targeting breast feeding mommas.

The baby Bullet

This is another life saver, I was hesitant when purchasing this simply because I hate colors and the green and yellow kinda bothered me. I know it’s dumb but true. I don’t even mind the colors anymore I have it right on my kitchen counter because this thing is amazing. Lets start by saying that I make lucas’ a week’s worth of homemade baby food in literally 20 minutes or less. The baby bullet is also so extremely to clean. This is magic, you save money on baby food & you give your baby natural homemade foods. Also their food storing containers which come included with the bullet make everything so easy, you can put the date the food was made to avoid it going bad. The baby bullet comes with honestly everything you need, its a complete baby food making package unlike other brands. I have nothing but love for this baby appliance.

Boppy baby carrier

When lucas was smaller he had “mamitis” which is what I call a needy baby who has to be carried by mom 24/7 and mostly all babies go through this stage. This stage makes it almost if not impossible to get anything in the house done, which is when this Boppy carrier saved my life, I would put him in and it made him felt so safe and snuggled next to me that he would just stay calm or instantly fall asleep no matter how fussy he was seconds before. Then, I was able to get stuff around the house done with him on the Boppy. It also made things like going to the grocery simpler instead of having to push a stroller AND a shopping cart which is not even possible I would just take him on the Boppy it was so much simpler and he loved it. win, win. This thing is magic, the material is so great & the price is actually  a lot more affordable than other baby carrying brands out there. My friend had bought another brand and tried mine and literally had to return hers because her baby didn’t like it.

Avanchy baby feeding plates


Ok, heres another mom magic.  Other brands claim to sell plates that suction to the table to avoid a mess, because we all know babies LOVE to play with their food but no other brand suctions so well like the avanchy brand. I swear a full grown adult cannot pull my bowl from the table unless doing it how it’s supposed to be done. This is AMAZING it will save you so many messes. They’re also extremely good to the eye, and earth friendly which is always a plus haha.



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