My breastfeeding journey and how I maintain my supply.



Breastfeeding is a serious game, not all of us are fortunate enough to do it and those who can do it are constantly stressed about losing their milk supply. One thing for sure is every mom wants to do it, we all want to be able to give our babies the best of the best. Being a mom has made me so passionate about this topic, because I am in complete amaze with my body. When I first became pregnant I never knew how hard breastfeeding could be I thought it was something that would just come beautifully and naturally once the baby is out, and once I had my baby I figured out it was anything BUT beautifully and naturally. It was painful and hard, A lot of moms give up, a lot of moms get discouraged a lot of moms don’t produce enough milk for their babies demand.

But it really does take a village and with the help of other moms I received some amazing advice that have changed my journey so much. First of all, I have learned that if your breast hurt while breastfeeding specially if it’s unbearable pain it’s simply because your baby isn’t latching properly, breast feeding is NOT supposed to be painful. If this is your case, maybe try another approach to make it easier for the baby, like a nipple shield for example.

With maintaining your milk supply I think everybody is difference, pay attention to your daily routine and try and figure out what you did differently the day before your supply dropped. I always find that if I don’t drink a lot of water during the day, the next day my supply would be drastically lower. If I didn’t latch baby enough during the day my next day’s supply would also be lower. I feel like if you’re going to skip a feeding to give formula or maybe solids you should pump instead of just doing nothing because the next day your body will assume you don’t need that supply and not produce it. I don’t know if that made sense?

DRINK YOUR WEIGHT IN WATER ! that’s what works for me and it only make sense, breastmilk is like 80% water. How would our bodies be able to make that if you’re not drinking water? My daily goal is to be able to feed baby throughout the day and then be able to pump 12oz to store in my freezer. Here’s why a freezer stash is so important if you’re planning on feeding your baby strictly with breastmilk. Well because things do happen for example, I had to be hospitalized for four days when my baby was two months old and thanks to my milk stash my mother who was watching the baby was able to give him my breastmilk strictly otherwise i would’ve had to give him formula for the first time since I was pumping and dumping at the hospital due to medications.

Latching is another issue for breastfeeding moms for example, my baby latched perfectly our whole stay at the hospital but then once we got home something happened, he just didn’t want to latch anymore he would scream to the top of his lungs instead. I tried for hours and nothing I brainstormed and brainstormed and decided to pump and see if he would take a bottle and… magic he drank that bottle so fast. Babies always prefer the bottle at first because it’s easier for them the breast is a lot of work for them and they get tired and stay hungry. I did what worked, I bottle fed my baby from there on with my pumped milk but I always knew I wanted to maintain that breastfeeding connection with him so I would still latch him once a day at least mostly when he wasn’t that hungry that way he would be more patient. Slowly, I started to realize he was getting better and better at latching as he got older and stronger and I then decided to try strictly breast feeding for a whole day and it went by perfectly and so I tried for two days and to my surprise it went by perfectly too. My baby no longer needed the bottle. From that day on my baby is only fed from the breast unless he’s at grandmas in that case we give the bottle, but now a days he prefers mom’s breast over the bottle.

Breastfeeding is a delicate subject, I know a lot of moms really wanted to do it and couldn’t but it doesn’t change the fact that is not an easy journey for those who do it. There is just something so beautiful about being able to feed your baby from your body, I advice everyone at least gives it a try.

There is a lot of products out there that claim to help increase milk production and again I think they’re all trial and error everyone’s body reacts differently to different things because I have had some friends try something and it doesn’t work for them while on the other hand is working wonders for my other friend. Luckily I hit the jackpot on first try with this product I found on amazon, This post is NOT sponsored in ANY way, I promise  this thing worked for me.


Let there be milk drops


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