A letter to my son.

To my little lentil,

I hope you’re kind, I hope your kindness impacts this world some day. I hope you’re brave, courageous, and respectful.  I hope you never loose sight of your dream. I hope you never loose your innocence and sense of wonder. I hope one day you love me even half of as much as I love you. I love watching you grow, I love when you discover new things about yourself or about this world. Like the day you saw the doggies for the first time. Or the day you discovered your hands, and the day your discovered your feet. Every day is an adventure with you. Ever since you were born I haven’t seen a dull day.

First of all, WOW I never could have imagined how great you would be, you have surpassed my expectations. Tomorrow you turn five months old and the time has passed so quickly, you’re such a big baby your two bottom teeth are already out. You’re practically sitting on your own. Mom & Dad are so proud. You’re sleeping the whole night but only taking small naps during the day, which doesn’t allow momma to get much done in the house. You love tummy time and rolling out of your snuggle me. You love sweet potatoes & apple purees with mommies breast milk. You love to show everyone that gummy smile. You became so loved so quickly. When we go to our friends and family’s houses they don’t even care about us anymore you have stolen the spotlight and their hearts. Its only you baby, and we’re perfectly okay with that.

You have changed your mom and dad in so many ways, you have given your dad so much more patience.I never knew how much I loved your dad until I saw how much he loved you. You have changed my whole view on life. Everything we do, we do for you, for our family. Every choice we have made since the day you were born has had you in our main concerns. I hope when you’re older we can be something of inspiration to what you want of your future family. I hope you grow to be as hardworking as your father and as pessimistic and creative as me ( not cocky at all haha ). I hope we make you proud.

I hope we’re able to give you the amount of love in life you deserve. You’re currently sleeping on me while I write this, it’s your favorite place to sleep. I love how much trust you put in me. It’s such a scary feeling yet amazing feeling.

I hope one day you learn to love your future wife like your daddy loves me with everything you have . Take her on romantic dates and always open her doors. I hope you’re faithful and honest to her. I hope you can show her how much you love her EVERYDAY even when you’re not in the best mood with her. Although me and your father are very happily in love I understand that things change, and this might not always be the case. We might not always be together as a family. But one thing you can know for certain is that you were made from pure love. You were planned and came in the most perfect of timing.

I hope whenever you have to make a hard decision that you pick the right one, not the easiest or the most beneficial to you, but the one with compassion to everyone else who is involved.  Your kindness may sometimes be taken advantage of, but no matter what do not give it up. Because kindness is gold and it will one day pay off I promise.

I hope you always remember just how blessed you are and put as much faith in god as your father, and learn to pray every night like he does, because momma sometimes forgets and momma sometimes looses her faith but your daddy never does.

Overall buddy, we love you more than anything in this world. You are the center of our world. Thank you for being you.

Until your next letter,


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