Labor & Delivery visitor etiquette

Babies are adorable, how can we not love them? Visiting a Mom and her brand new baby in the hospital is always exciting but if you have never had kids before then you should probably know there’s guidelines you should follow when visiting the new growing family.


  1. First of all and the most important to me is WASH YOUR HANDS  every time you even breathe if possible. Im not kidding. I hated having to tell people to wash their hands, it’s a bit awkward and I hate being mean but it is extremely important. Babies are extremely sensitive and unvaccinated any little germ is way too big for their bodys. Please, do NOT be the person that gets insulted when asked to wash your hands. 
  2. Secondly, Do not expect to TOUCH, CARRY, OR KISS the baby! Yea, you heard me right… This might be the whole reason why you came to see the baby huh? Momma bear might feel awkward or shy telling you no but she will probably not feel comfortable with anyone holding the baby.  Unless off course she asks you if you want to, in that case.. go for it.
  3. Do not show up un announced, always let the mom know hours ahead of time. Remember some moms might be exhausted and not up for guest. C section moms might be in extreme pain. Regardless of the situation always call ahead.
  4. Be mindful to a breastfeeding momma. When I had my baby I had 4 people in my room one being my father in law and the other my grandfather. Everyone kept telling me my baby was hungry.. I knew this, but felt awkward pulling out my boob in front of my father in law. Everyone knew I was breastfeeding, no one thought to walk out and so I starved my child for an extra 30 minutes until they decided to leave. Some mamas don’t feel comfortable nursing in front of anyone. Simply walk out and make it easier, maybe she’ll offer you to stay.
  5. Ask if they need anything, do not show up empty handed. Treats, food, diapers, flowers, anything! hospital food sometimes isn’t the best before showing up always ask if they want any food or anything in particular. Dad never wants to leave mom and babies sight he might not be able to go get food or that nipple cream the new mommy really needs. Be the hero & ask.
  6. Be positive, Never point of the flaws. Trust me when I tell you this mom has a lot of hormones going through her body right now. Do not say anything unless it’s positive. Do not compare baby to any other babies. Babies aren’t bored the cutest, lets me honest… It’s because they go through a lot to get to this world. No matter what only say nice and positive things.
  7. Do not criticize parents choices, How long did you wait for epidural? did have meds? was it natural or c section? are you breastfeeding ? did you circumsize ?”I didn’t have any meds, natural birth is the best.” “Formula is terrible, I only breastfed my kids.” These are things no mother or father really ever want to hear SPECIALLY the first few days with their little ones. Keep your comments and all your personal birth glories to yourself. Do not make the new mamma feel bad.
  8. Leave your kids at home, lets be honest Kids are too crazy and full of germs for a brand new baby. Just leave them at home.
  9. DO NOT WEAR COLOGNE/PERFUME. I cannot stress this enough. My husbands friends would always come over to visit my baby drenched in cologne, it was so frustrating. Babies and new mommas are sensitive to strong scents and can cause nausea.
  10. Be mindful of your health, if you think there is even the slightest chance of you being sick or about to get sick. STAY AT HOME. Save this momma the headache, there is nothing more dangerous than a sick newborn. just let mom know why you can’t make it, believe me she WILL be grateful.

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