Six months of Lucas.

We have been taking monthly themed pictures of Lucas to watch him grow and we’re planing to continue atleast until he’s a year old, but here are the first six months of Lucas in this world. The most amazing six months of my life. He has changed so much since the first month we met him. Time is flying and my little baby is growing up so fast.

first the one month picture, this one we decided to do St.Patricks Day themed simply because it landed on St.Patricks Day.

The second month picture we did up up and away themed, honestly I don’t even know why haha.

The third month pics we did summer themed because it was the first month of summer.

The four month pictures we did daddy themed because it was daddy’s birthday month and also his month birthday landed on Father’s Day.

His five month pictures we did shark themed, in celebration of shark week and the fact that he had finally teethed in his first two teeth.

And finally His six month pictures which we decided to do…. TO BE ANNOUNCED.

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