Why we use the attachment parenting style.

I am co sleeping momma, you know cribs are relatively new? Only about 100 years. Back in the days co sleeping was the way babies would sleep.  I understand that there is a big controversy on bed sharing but all I could say is I did what worked for me, and it worked wonders. Mommas don’t listen to anyone else, your mommy gut feeling is always right, if you have reasons to believe that your baby sleeping in bed with you might be dangerous then DO NOT bed share but if you think your baby is safest by your side then go ahead. The only reason I was considering putting my little baby to sleep on his crib is because I’ve heard how hard is it to get them to sleep on their own beds afterwards but to be completely honest it might just be as hard for me. I know when he grows up he’s not going to want to sleep with me and cuddle with me anymore and one thing I have learned from having a baby is how fast time goes by. For that specific reason I am going to enjoy late night cuddles with my little guy just about as long as I can. Co sleeping also supports breastfeeding mommas who co sleep are most likely not to give up on breastfeeding because it’s more convenient than bottle when you’re right next to your baby. I also think breastfed and co sleeping babies sleep more through the night. My little one slept the whole night at just a month old, I know that’s insane. I got lucky huh? I sleep in the middle and he sleeps next to me with a bed barrier on his side so co sleeping has caused no issue for me when it comes to cuddling with my husband as well. It hasn’t cause any sex problems either, it has actually made our sex life more creative haha. (TMI) and so this worked for me but it might not work for everyone.

I am also a supporter of baby wearing, for many reasons mostly because it’s convenient honestly. Baby wearing has been around for over centuries in almost every culture. Baby wearing creates such a great bond between parent and child it’s like skin to skin almost, my baby almost always instantly goes to sleep when i baby wear him and won’t wake up until I take him off basically haha. This gives me so much time to get things around the house done which otherwise is impossible. Baby wearing also keeps unwanted people and their germs away from your baby and this is an amazing technique I learned when my baby was brand new and everyone wanted to carry him. Whenever I knew people were coming over I would place him on the carrier and people wouldn’t ask to carry him because he just looked so hugged and cozy.  I love baby wearing my baby has even learned to breastfeed while being on the carrier.

I am an attachment parents and proud haha. Point is mommas do what works for you and your baby. Do not let anyone tell you you’re an irresponsible or bad parent for the choices you have made. You’re doing great raising that baby, keep going!

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