Baby registry Items you think you need but you really DON’T.

I have made the mistake of falling into this trap because like any other first time mom I wanted my baby to have everything. I regret this decision so much now I just have pilled up junk I don’t use. If you’re reading this post and you have any of these items in your registry please do yourself a favor, save yourself some money and remove them.

  1. A wipe warmer, Mine has been sitting there disconnected since my baby was two months old and in those two months I had it connected I used it.. I would say three times. Unless you’re planning to have a wipe warmer in every room of the house I found this useless I barely ever even changed my baby in his nursery, It’s just not practical. Which leads me to item number two.
  2. Changing table, I hate my changing table I actually already put it away and my baby is only five months. It’s just not practical and you could definitely live without it. It’s just a big bulky thing taking up perfect space. What i found more useful is a changing pad I could just throw on anywhere like on my sofa, bed, his crib ect. Doesn’t take any space and it’s portable.
  3. Bottle sterilizer, this item is just unnecessary save your money honestly. They’re also such a big waste of space. Most of them are very big and bulky. You can simply throw all your baby bottles in a pot of hot water and it does the same thing if not better. To be quite honest with you I barely ever sterilized my baby’s bottles anyways… I would just wash them with baby dish soap (Oops judge me) but guess what my baby is fine… God made dirt & dirt don’t hurt.
  4. Diaper Genie, Ok first of all if you’re planning to breastfeed you should know that breastfed babies poop do not smell at all. That is first of all, secondly you’re spending money on a trash can… do you understand this?? Just use your regular trashcan and take it out regularly and you will be fine. I literally have a diaper genie and throw out my babies diapers in any trashcan around the house.
  5. Stroller Basinet, this one hurts me to write about because I was so hard headed on wanting one of these I think simply because they looked so cute and fancy. The truth is it’s driving me crazy this is THE MOST inconvenient thing EVER. First of all when you get somewhere you have to take your baby out of the car seat to put him/her in this bassinet thing. Once you have a baby you will understand why this is a terrible idea specially that most babies will instantly fall asleep in their car seat so you would have to wake them up to put them in the bassinet.. not worth it. Secondly the stroller does not fold with the bassinet on which means you need to store the bassinet, the stroller, and off course the car seat in your car in order to use the bassinet. More convenient to just use the car seat attachment? I think so! Imagine being alone and trying to leave the house with a baby, a baby bag, a car seat, a stroller, and a basinet… ummmm NO. Now lastly another reason why I hate this thing is because It’s simply just taking up space in my house this thing is super big and bulky and it’s hard to find a spot for it. Oh wait there’s more, when your baby starts sitting up which doesn’t take that long quite honestly this thing becomes a useless obstacle. Trust me looking fancy isn’t worth it when you have kids you will appreciate practical a lot more.
  6. Bumbo seat, Thankfully I decided this was useless before I even opened it.I still have it somewhere in my house ready to return lol. I just feel like kids outgrow this in like a month and it’s $40 not worth it at all it’s best to just wait until they’re able to sit in their highchairs.
  7. Baby shoes, My son had so many pair of baby shoes he outgrew before even wearing. Baby shoes aren’t comfortable for you or for the baby. Imagine having to change a diaper and instead of pulling down their pants now you have to take off the shoes also and then put them back on. Not practical at all plus truth is babies do not walk so they don’t need shoes. Oh, and they’re always falling off, don’t spend too much money on baby shoes because chances are you’ll loose one or two haha. What I did use a lot was little socks that look like shoes to keep his toes nice and warm. The converse socks that look like shoes are my favorite, he had them in all colors.
  8. Small bottles, Ok this is such a stupid steal your baby will drink too much for these bottles in like two months. Why not just get the big one and fill it up less ? With the small you will eventually need the big too? and then the small ones become useless.. This never made any sense to me.

This is all I could think of for now… But I am positive there is more.

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