Our bedtime routine, sleep time 101.

Sleep is such an important topic when it comes to babies, because most of the time…. you’re not getting any. Thankfully, that’s not the case in my household, ever since Lucas was one month he has been sleeping the whole night. What I  done to deserve this ? I don’t know but it must’ve been something great.I have created a schedule with Lucas where we do the same routine every night which I think is also a big factor in babies sleeping through the night. My techniques are pretty simple firstly, I tire my baby out during the day ( Bad mom) He’s always active and only takes two short naps during the day which I guess helps him be sleepier during the night time.

Another technique is to shower him right before bed. I shower him and massage on his night time creams.  This relaxes him before bed and I think helps him sleep better.

Now… It’s time to spill the big secret to babies sleeping the whole night and it’s going to sound like pretty much common sense but your pajamas choice makes a HUGE difference. Think about this, when you come home tired and fall asleep in your jeans… how do you sleep that night ? not so great huh? It’s the same thing with babies. Make sure your baby is using the absolute best to go to sleep, for your sleeps sake. My absolute personal favorite are the leveret clothing   pajamas they’re the comfiest i’ve ever had and my baby sleeps in them like a baby haha. Their prices are also super affordable in comparison to other brands and the fact that me and my husband can match him just makes it so much cuter haha. Seriously though, you’ll thank me later.

Another thing I do to help him sleep the night is I have adjusted his sleeping schedule so that his last nursing session is right before bed. Nursing tires baby’s out which means they’ll sleep longer, also babies on full times sleep longer.

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