I wish I would’ve gotten a Binxy sooner.

Going grocery shopping with a baby can be a tough situation, I used to put my baby in a baby carrier to do so. The thing with the baby carrier is that it hurts your back a lot after a while, or the baby might want to nap comfortably. I wish I would’ve came across the Binxy way earlier, I honestly can’t wait to use it with my next baby from the beginning.

This is convenience at it’s finest. You get to have baby in a comfy hammock while still having space to put the groceries. It’s also extremely easy to instal and uninstall making it completely doable while you’re shopping alone with the baby. The Binxy thought of it all, it’s also super compact and rolls up super small to fit into the diaper bag perfectly without taking up much space. Oh, and this baby hammock can hold up to 50LBS.

The binxy is also completely safe to put the car seat on top which means if the baby falls asleep in the car you don’t even have to wake them up to place them in the Binxy, you can simply put the whole car seat on there. The Binxy fits most standard shopping carts and so far I haven’t came across a single shopping cart that doesn’t fit it.

Two Binxys fit perfectly on a shopping cart… you know what this means ? i’ts a perfect product for twin mommas as well.

The Binxy comes in a variety of beautiful designs, every single time I use my baby hammock in I get asked so many questions. People are always amazed at why everyone doesn’t have one of these. The convenience of it can be seen by strangers who don’t even have children in a matter of seconds.

If you haven’t already done so, do so. You need one of these in your registry. It’s one of those life changing products, that change your life and make it easier. I promise you won’t regret the purchase, It’s worth every single cent.

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